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The Frombover Legacy

Happy Little Hairdos

From Coffee Table Book to 10,000 NFT Collection


J.J. Weinberg

The Artist & His Idea

This parody project began in 2014 with a Prismacolor illustration on paper. The plan was to create a coffee table book titled "Happy Little Hairdos". The same illustration of the face would be used as a canvas to poke fun at other famous hairstyles & headwear in pop culture beyond the iconic fro.  

After seeing the success of generative art projects in the NFT space, it was obvious that this collection is what  "Happy Little Hairdos" was always meant to be.


"Each image is set to print as a10 inch square at 300 dpi, these aren't just low-res avatars. It separates our project from the start. Since 2014, these images were meant as individual works of art to be printed in the "Happy Little Hairdos" coffee table book. I hope the community really appreciates the time and attention to detail I put into the work." 

The Process


Every asset is hand-drawn by Weinberg. "Happy Little Hairdos" is a passion project that represents J.J.'s sense of humor and style of illustration. Starting with colored pencil on paper, the process moved to Procreate and currently consists of over 70 hours of timelapse footage amounting to over 75,000 strokes. 

"There's simply no way I could hire a team of artists to draw these assets. They are more than assets to me, they tell a story."

J.J. Weinberg

The Mission

Curated Cuts for a Cause


Beyond the scheduled 10,000 unique tokens, an expanding collection of otherwise impossible traits will be purposefully illustrated and curated for future volumes of the "Happy Little Hairdos" coffee table book as well as charity causes.


From"Folds of Honor" to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, "Happy Little Hairdos" will have a number of EXCLUSIVE NFTs meant to give back. 50% of initial net sales for cause-driven "Curated Cuts" NFT's will be split with the corresponding non-profit. 

"One of my main objectives after hearing about Bob and his family being robbed, is to make sure this parody project can give back to his son Steven." 


Watch for the chrome dome! Bald tokens come with a bonus. Be on the lookout for "Happy Accidents as well.


Infinite "Bob"jects

Did you score a "Curated Cut"? If 100% of the goal is met, you're in for a special treat!



The original vision comes to life in a way never before imagined with a special community-driven twist.



With your support, the ARTcade hopes to open its doors as early as winter 2021!


FROMO Boutique

Get the keys to our members only Merch Store.


The Joy of Minting

Comedy series of J.J. Weinberg "painting" the "Happy Little Hairdos". 



After all 10K sell out, the original illustration will be minted as an NFT with the framed colored pencil drawing as the unlockable.


Happy Little Hangout

A party in Indiana? Time for the coasters to journey to the Midwest!

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