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Content includes

- The"Frombover Legacy" foreward

- Notes from artist J.J. Weinberg

- The artist's exclusive"Curated Cuts"

- Randomly chosen NFTs from the 10K


Publishing for global distribution after 10k minted 

All "Curated Cuts" eligible for signed copy 

Happy Little Hairdos

the coffee table book




For the first volume of the "Happy Little Hairdos" coffee table book, randomly selected NFTs from the collection will be featured in the pages of the phygital book right alongside the "Curated Cuts" with a corresponding Hash ID, traits, and QR code linking back to the NFT on the blockchain. 

Blockchain FROMO will invade the physical world in the book and introduce 

the notion of the provenance of NFT ownership to anyone who picks up the book.  

In 2014 I drew a portrait of Bob Ross and had a vision for a parody art book titled

Happy Little Hairdos. Every illustration in the 

book would use the same face from the original image but envision Bob with different iconic hairstyles like the "Fro"hawk & Corn"Fros".

On March 26th, 2021 I picked up the project that spent 7 years on the back burner when I saw how the idea was waiting for NFTs but was just ahead of its time. After Cryptopunks & before the world knew what a Bored Ape was, I found myself invigorated by NFTs and the metaverse.

Early shot of the colored pencil drawing 2014

The shirt made in 2014 to go along with the book


Everyone who becomes a part of the HLHD Crew will be eligible for a free download of the PDF after all 10K Hairdos are minted.


Any of the "Curated Cuts" in any volume of "Happy Little Hairdos" coffee table books will also receive a copy of the book signed by artist J.J. Weinberg. 


After "Happy Little Hairdos Volume 1" finds its way onto bookshelves, Vol. 2 will go into production. J.J. Weinberg will draw and mint 2 "Curated Cuts" per month after the release of Vol. 1.  After 365 days, those NFTs will be featured in "Happy Little Hairdos Volume 2" alongside 50 NFTs that will once again be randomly selected from the original 10K HLHD.

The aim is to continue to expand the brand and provide the potential for increased value for years to come for the Happy Little Hairdo Crew.

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