"I've had so many offers to buy the original illustration over the years and I always turned them down. I would always say that I knew one day it would be an enormous part of my story and would be highly coveted as the origin of the entire series. I thought it was just for a single coffee table book. Little did I know what was in store. This is why I waited since 2014. Non Fungible as it gets."

I created the original colored pencil portrait of Bob Ross in 2014 with the idea for a book called “Happy Little Hairdos”. The goal was to use parody to challenge Bob's identity via hairstyles of pop culture icons. Fast forward to March 26th 2021 when I realized NFTs had lit a clear path for HLHD. 


The original will be minted as a 1/1 NFT & will come with the original framed with the “Genesis Penci” I used to color much of Bob’s face. Each NFT will also represent a chance to win the original that will be randomly selected after sell out.