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Afronaut Alliance

451 unique handcrafted Afronauts qualify for mission sell-out giveaways and exclusive merch. Become a Keeper of the Cosmos.

As Commander Buzz Ross said, "The Moon Was Never Enough!"



On March 26th, 2021 Commander Buzz Ross Buzz vanished on a voyage into the depths of space, setting the stage for 12 brave Afronauts to embark on a journey to find their fearless leader. Legend has it, that these Afronauts Lost in Space had actually slipped into a wormhole and reemerged in the parallel universe of Tezos.


This expanding narrative intertwines with Fromoville and its mystical Jupiter Stone and the AA Fuel Cells scattered throughout the metaverse. This collection unravels a compelling and immersive saga, inviting collectors to delve into the depths of imagination and the essence of exploration and creativity within the vibrant multiverse of Happy Little Hairdos.

Guide to Enlist with Card

Meet Some Afronauts From Mission 1

Each Afronaut personifies a distinct character and their own backstory. Only 25 Afronauts are to be released on weekly missions until all 451 in the collection are unveiled. 

Benefits of Enlisting

Every handcrafted Afronaut offers more than just meticulous design and humorous wit; each Afronaut in the collection qualifies for exclusive mission sell-out triggered giveaways, adding an element of surprise and delight for collectors. Certain tokens even grant access to specific areas within the Happy Little Hairdos multiverse and hold hidden secrets and “Hair Drops” for their collectors, adding to the sense of adventure for Afronaut enthusiasts. All Afronauts tokens will open up collectors to a world of exclusive tokengated merchandise, including stickers, apparel, and other collectibles. 

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