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Watch for the chrome dome! Bald tokens are especially rare in honor of Bob's battle. As such, they come with extra utility. Including the only "Happy Little Hairdo" token open to derivative status.   


If you're fortunate enough to stumble on a Bald Token, you will be able to take him to the "Bobber Shop" in the spring of 2022 as long as 50% of the goal is met. In the "Bobber Shop", you can choose a new "Happy Little Hairdo" or even request a custom cut. Styles vary in cost with the custom cut being the most expensive. You and the artist J.J. Weinberg will discuss a commissioned CURATED CUT to your liking.


If you choose to mint a new do, we will burn the old token and replace it with your custom cut. 



This parody art collection began by realizing Bob's choice of hairstyle wasn't his own after his brand took off all the way to the time of his death when he wound up bald because of his battle with lymphoma. So the man himself become the canvas for "Happy Little Hairdos". Being as such, the Bald Bob tokens are the only tokens in are open for derivative status. Derivatives that really impress qualify to be featured in future volumes of the "Happy Little Hairdos" coffee table book!


Also be on the lookout for "Happy Accidents". "I noticed when making some of the assets that there was a potential collision issue in the images where the code my say an asset exists but you couldn't see it. Say you have some yellow snake eyes but they are covered by an opaque pair of glasses. We we're about to correct it with the coding but I decided that we should leave it because we don't make mistakes... just Happy accidents." 

So if you stumble upon a rare "Happy Accident" you're going to also receive a t-shirt that only "Happy Accident" NFT owners will ever be able to get their hands on.

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