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The ARTcade

Your NFT will also be a key to "Alexander Bill's" ARTcade. Pictured are some of the projected parody games we are looking to create with the support of the community. Our hilarious spin on the classic Pong; with a canvas for a paddle and bouncing Fro-ball will be under development at 50% of sales completed. 

Super Tree Fighter is a lofty vision of where we really hope the project might be able to mature in the coming years. Reaching 100% and beyond will give us the resources to take the cap off our imagination and build amazing things for the HLH Crew. The goal for Tree Fighter would be to allow a token holder to bring their head onto their favorite classic character, mint a corresponding NFT, and then fight their way to the final boss. The EVIL K. KOWALSKI

Tree Fighter.jpg

Imagine pumping the Fro until it bursts in Dig Bob while digging through layers of permed madness.

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