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Happy Little Anniversary

Welcome to the 10-Year anniversary celebration of Happy Little Hairdos! What began as a simple idea for a coffee table book has blossomed into a multifaceted project that intertwines art, technology, and pop culture. Over the last decade, and particularly since 2021, Happy Little Hairdos has grown beyond my wildest dreams, delving into the realms of the blockchain, the metaverse, and more. It all started with a playful drawing of the beloved Bob Ross, and the idea of transforming his iconic Afro into a canvas of parody and an exploration of the peculiar role our hair plays in shaping our identity.

This journey has been deeply influenced by my own life and the rich tapestry of pop culture that has shaped me. Now, as we celebrate this milestone, I’m thrilled to share a wealth of exclusive merchandise and artifacts with you for the first time. From T-shirts and hoodies to unique art prints and captivating artifacts, there’s something for every fan and collector. Explore the world of Happy Little Hairdos, and be sure to join us at the event on July 5th at Fluid.

Happy Merch

Order your Happy Little Hairdos Hoodies & T-shirts here

The Legend of the Jupiter Stone

Download the PDF of the Jupiter Stone below!


More Coming Soon

Check back for more details on collectibles that will be available for the first time on July 5th!

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