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Hello, I'm Rob Boss and I came to get down! I was named Fromoville's unReal Estate Agent of the Year and I'm the first licensed surReal Estate agent in the Bobberverse (5/16/22).

I'm here for all of your Fromoville leasing needs!!



We are thrilled to offer 6 magnificent metaverse properties for purchase in the renowned Fromoville Mall. Now is your chance to own a piece of virtual paradise that you can truly call your own.


Each purchase grants you exclusive ownership of your chosen space within the Fromoville Mall. You have the freedom to customize your space and determine where your link points on the internet. Whether you prefer to showcase another metaverse location or direct visitors to your personal website, the choice is yours.

However, we do have a few guidelines in place to ensure a safe and harmonious environment for all. We hold strong to our morality clause, which prohibits links to potentially offensive content such as hate speech, pornography, violence, or anything that goes against the inclusive spirit of Fromoville.

As a token of our appreciation, every purchase of an NFT Space in Fromoville will come with a special "phygital" key. This tangible key, equipped with near-field communications, serves as a delightful reminder of your virtual ownership and adds a touch of magic to your Fromoville experience.

Once you become the proud owner of a Fromoville space, you have the opportunity to sell or transfer your ownership at your discretion. Additionally, if you decide to sell your NFT Space, the new owner will have the right to link their own space in the Fromoville Mall. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! There are only 6 breathtaking mountain view spaces available, so act fast to secure your slice of Fromoville's enchantment.

Please visit our website at and take a gander at the spaces we have to offer. Become a part of the vibrant Fromoville community and make your virtual dreams a reality with the Happy Little Hairdos unReal Estate Group.

Own a piece of Fromoville. Embrace the magic.

**In the event that the link associated with a purchased NFT Space in Fromoville remains broken or inactive for a period exceeding three weeks, the space will be considered abandoned. At this point, the ownership will be deemed vacant, allowing for the space to be resold as a new NFT. We value the active participation and engagement of our Fromoville community and encourage owners to maintain the vitality of their spaces to ensure an immersive and thriving metaverse experience.

*links may not be to potentially offensive content such as hate speech, pornography, violence, or any other thing Bob would object to.

If you purchase an NFT Lease and would like a "phygital" key, make sure and fill out the form below and get in touch via email for shipping. 

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