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Hello, I'm Rob Boss and I came to get down! I was named Fromoville's unReal Estate Agent of the Year and I'm the first licensed surReal Estate agent in the Bobberverse (5/16/22).

I'm here for all of your Fromoville leasing needs!!



The Happy Little Hairdos unReal Estate Group is listing 6 metaverse properties for lease in the Fromoville Mall. Each lease will last for 12 months and the owner can choose where their link points to on the internet, whether it be another metaverse location or simply a website. *restrictions apply

The owner may also sell or transfer their lease for the duration of the term and the new owner can change links. After 12 months, the lessee will have the option to purchase 12 additional months at new meta-market prices or sell their NFT Lease as an access pass within 30 days. If after 30 days the NFT Lease isn't renewed or sold, the space will go on the open market.

Each original purchase of an NFT Lease will also come with an actual "phygital" Fromoville key with near-field communications.

*links may not be to potentially offensive content such as hate speech, pornography, violence, or any other thing Bob would object to.

If you purchase an NFT Lease and would like a "phygital" key, make sure and fill out the form below and get in touch via email for shipping. 

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